Syracuse University Moving Services

We are the Syracuse University movers providing first-class services at discounted rates for the alumni of Syracuse University. In accordance with our special agreement with Syracuse University, we coordinate long distance moves at significantly discounted rates for alumni of this esteemed University.

As your Syracuse movers, we realize how important organization and your pre-move plan are to the success of your relocation. Since the weeks prior to your move can be hectic, we help you get organized with the resources and information you find here. With our help, you will make a seamless and hassle-free transition to a new career and living environment. We are proud to serve Syracuse University alumni for their every relocation and storage need.

Syracuse University Athletics

We Move the Syracuse University Football Team!
Greater Syracuse is the trusted provider of transportation and storage services for the Syracuse University Football Team. The SU football team is renowned nationwide as one of the premier football teams, making New York and fans all over the U.S. proud. With every approaching season, the SU football team will undoubtedly need the help of their chosen moving company, Greater Syracuse, to transport their equipment.

Our specialized fleets and highly-trained crews transport equipment for the football teams for any away game, anywhere in the U.S. We transport uniforms, helmets, practice equipment and much more for the team. Our efficient and secure transportation services get the team’s equipment and uniforms to their away game on-time, ensuring their gear is there when they need it! As the chosen moving company of Syracuse University, Greater Syracuse goes above and beyond to provide “winning” moving and storage services to the SU football team!

We Move the Syracuse University Lacrosse Team!
We are the chosen moving and storage company for the Syracuse University Lacrosse Team. This talented, history-making team proudly represents Syracuse University, and we proudly represent the lacrosse team as the university’s mover of choice for the team’s transportation and storage needs.

When the lacrosse team needs their gear and equipment transported quickly and safely to their away games, they trust Greater Syracuse with these transportation needs. We have transported lacrosse sticks, goals, uniforms and anything else the team needs for their away games. Wherever the Syracuse University Lacrosse Team is playing, Greater Syracuse makes sure their gear gets there in plenty of time for the game – anywhere in the U.S. We are proud to serve the SU lacrosse team for all their transportation and storage needs, providing “champion” service for their every need!